Young Ghanian Liberals Taking Charge Of Their Future

"The COALITION OF YOUNG LIBERALS (COYLIB) are concerned with the recent developments that have taken place after the adjudication of the election petition at the Supreme Court, and if care is not taken, our beloved party may repeat the same mistakes it did during the 2008 and 2012 elections." 

The above caption taken from an article by the COYLIB in Modern Ghana  Coalition Of Young Liberals (COYLIB) On Matters Arising.

Both Spy Ghana and Vibe Ghana published articles by the COYLIB  demanding that President Mahama step down by 31December2013.
The COYLIB have raised up into action and it seems that they have rolled up their sleeves in preparation  for a fight!  Many Ghanians are unhappy with Ghana's economy, dishonest leaders, their living conditions; the High Cost of Living and low wages. It is about time that someone does more than just talk! My prayer is that they fight the true enemy and that they fight to win!
I am just not so certain that calling for His Excellency John Mahama to step down will be productive to their fight or the plight of Ghanians.  But then, I am not a politician neither a Ghanian.

From my research over the past few years and I have had direct communications with the foreign investor group,  Private Investors for Africa--PIA, I would be willing to say, there lies the problem!  

Not only PIA but other large foreign companies who has gained a foothold in profiting from and taking over Ghana's life-line--the mining and processing of Ghana's natural resources including import/export and the Banking System which ultimately controls Ghana.  Control the inflow of funds and  kick back to the crooked politicians paying them  under the table.  These foreign corporations  operate boldly and unashamedly, slowly taking over the Country as they throw their little trinkets to Ghanians making them think that they have done something for Ghana.
Ghanians must learn from history!  Learn from the history of the US how the Europeans moved in, taking advantage of the Natives kindness and the fact that they were a peaceful people. Learn how they were so successful in the Transatlantic Slave Trade!  Learn how the slaves in the Americas were controlled with the "Lynch" theory and divide and conquer!  Therefore, I say know who the true enemy is!

This is truly a bold and drastic move on the part of COYLIB. There obviously must be a replacement in mind. However, if you are talking about replacing Mr. Mahama and the problem existed prior to him coming into office, then you must replace all government officials and start anew.   Believe that the True enemy is waiting for disruption and disjointed government that they may make there move!

Mr. Mahama has not  had opportunity to enforce any effective changes for the few months that he has been in office. It seems to me that the majority of leaders must change their entire mindsets in order for any leader to succeed. 

Looking in, as an Afrikan American, I do not believe that Mr. Mahama is the problem but the many foreign companies who are raping the natural resources paying hard-working Ghanians groundnuts for their work! This includes the World Bank and high-powered united corporations who control Afrika and its banking System that keep its economy and people destitute!

Pan-African banking group trading as Stanbic Bank and Standard Bank belongs to an eleven-member group that are undermining Ghana's government, people and economy. Not Ghana only but many countries in Afrika! While Standard Bank boasts on its
SMEs,  that is expected to "deepen and expand our lending capability" in "short-term working capital", Standard/Stanbic are both members of PIA. 

Private Investors for Africa has already infiltrated Ghana and other countries in Afrika and many were there prior to Mr Mahana taking office! 
How many of you have guzzled down Coca Cola's or Heineken? Coca Cola has been in Afrika since 1926 and what have they done to contribute to the community or Ghana's economy with exception to promoting perhaps a soccer  team here and there with free coke? They think that because they have a token Black as a Director of their Eurasia & Africa Group that Afrikans will not notice how they have gained a foothold in Afrika! These are merely three of this 11-member powerful group who refuses to work with Ghanian leaders.

I certainly understand the frustration. There is nothing that pains me more than to see Our Mother raped and Her children starving, not having the basic necessities of life! 

Ghana has been depicted as an example for other Afrikan countries to follow Her Governance by President Obama and Ban Ki-Moon. 

Therefore, I say His Excellency Mahama is not the problem and should be given consideration of time to effect change.  Perhaps share your plan.  I believe that Mr. Mahama should be given all considerations and that if anything, he should be given sound trustworthy people surrounding him  who has  the utmost integrity and honesty.

While I commend COYLIB for taking action, things almost are never as they appear from the outside looking in. Do not give place to Ghana's true enemy.

G-D Bless the people of Ghana! G-D Bless Ghana!  G-D Bless Afrika!  G-D Bless Afrikan leaders!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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Sarah Palin has sure enough flipped a script...Oh, yes that's right...She never read it!
I normally would not say this about anyone. However, this woman had audacity to run for President of the United States and she is still putting her foot in her mouth.  This is one woman who should keep her mouth shut! 

I literally shutter with those little hairs standing up on the back of my neck at the thought of that woman being the President of the US.

When I was a child I remember saying to my siblings: "Talk about that you know! Testify to that you see"! We would all be better off if we would testify to that only that we know and have seen or experienced. What a better world this would be!

"...when asked by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren if Robertson's remarks were offensive and whether or not she had any objection as to how he worded his comments, Palin said she didn't know what Robertson had actually said". 

Is this blatant ignorance intentional?  Or is it that “Good Ole Boy” thing when racist/biased White folks stick together  whether right or wrong?

Yet, Sarah Palin was quoted as saying that the suspension of one of the stars of the show “Duck Dynasty” over recent biased inappropriate comments, under the guise of “Preaching the Gospel”, said that it is an attack on free speech.  

It looks like Sara Palin was left standing way over in left field by herself if you take a look at the comments on her Facebook page. So what's the point? If you do not know, team up with Sarah Palin.  I am certain that she will school you.

A Daily News update reports "The suits at A&E are realizing the fix to their “Duck Dynasty” scandal is going to require more than extension cords and duct tape.

Executives at the cable channel are privately acknowledging they could have better camouflaged the indefinite suspension of the hit reality show’s head redneck, Phil Robertson, an insider told RadarOnline.

A&E’s brass also "conceded they goofed by continuing to air its No. 1 program amid the controversy sparked by Robertson’s homophobic and racially insensitive remarks to GQ magazine."

“Network bosses now recognize they should have just taken the show off the air for two weeks, since reruns were just airing anyway,” the source told RadarOnline. “The fallout wouldn’t have been strong and everyone could have just moved on.”

What are you men or  ducks?  Stand up and stop blaming others for Robertson's blatant disregard for others rights and his personal biases under the guise of Truth! This has nothing to do with entertainers "flapping" their mouths!  It has to do with Robinson flapping his undisciplined biased, perhaps racist tongue.  There are many people, despite broadcast stations, who will stand up and do the right thing.  Try it...You might find that your ratings will increase. Robertson, practice what you preach--REPENT!

 Sarah Palin's Facebook page:

Free speech is an endangered species. Those “intolerants” hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.

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  • Michael S Cooper My family is not watching anything on A&E till they apologize.
  • Eric Pierce Ooops. Somebody stepped on James Hager's liberal toes. Sorry, James.

    Now, let's talk about Obama's total disregard for America's financial position in terms of it's economic growth, shall we? Let's start with the out-of-control National Debt which he
    ...See More
  • Ou Zzy Its all Pots&Kettles, Folks in the glass houses, If you poke bears with sticks.... blah blah "Be ye not distracted by the political agenda" its not gonna be aboot anything other than THEM!
  • Kelly Smith Duck Dynasty is the most popular reality tv show out. So if the other reality tv shows are not getting as much hype as they are on other networks that is gonna piss them off. So who do you think pointed it out to A&E. They didnt find it on their own another network had to have pointed it out because they are mad about their ratings.
  • Blossom MacLeod Recently I seen people on the left say that Mr. Phil is not only a bigot to gays but also black people because of statement he made about picking cotton along time ago when he was a kid. Really I guess these pc police just wanted to get on the band wag...See More
  • Arthur P. Salvagno Sr. Understand where he is coming from but as a Christian myself he needs to get his facts straight before saying anything. He definitely wasn't quoting.
  • Timothy Walton Total nonsense, if Phil's speech had been violated, he'd be in jail. opposing someone's comments is free speech too
  • Bryan Russell Free speech comes with a price. He presented himself in a manner that was against the ppl he was working for. Thats right he voided his own contract with A&E. If any of us were to say what he said while representing the company we worked for, we too would have been reprimanded of fired from that job. Is he better than the rest of us? No.
  • Cynthia O'Dell Livas Those weren't his opinions, they are God's Word. He has the same rights afforded to all Americans. It's called freedom of speech. It doesn't say that you have to like what the person says, nor does it say that if you're a Christian you don't have a right to say what you like. Get over it people, he has the right to quote the Bible or his own opinion, and be glad that we live in a country where we ALL have that right.
  • Steve Ortiz Liberalism is a cancer.
  • Jesse Hall Where were you when Paula Dean opened her mouth...oh its different because it says to hate certain people in the bible...
  • Bob Amerine Free speech is endagered? As spoken freely,without fear of repercussions? Is there something said here that is perhaps a bit, hyperbolic? Free speech does not equate to lack of responsibility for your statements and their impact upon others, what they suggest, or who they may harm.
  • Wade Housseal we support Phil Robertson COMPLETELY. HE DID NOTHING WRONG.
  • Danny LaFrance C'mon man! Let's get over all this 'political correctness' BS. People have a right to express their views even if you and I disagree. After all, it's an opinion made by what one has experienced. If Robertson said he picked cotton with others and
    All s
    ...See More
  • Tyrel Purvis Thats bull
  • Karen Chavez Sorry Cynthia. Those were not God's words. Read Roman 1 and two. He was misquoting chap 1. St. Paul was talking about idolaters. He sums up the whole issue in Romans 2:1 by saying "therefore you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; for in passing judgement on another you condemn yourself.... Scripture should always be read in context. Rev. Karen Chavez
  • PennynSam Ashley Phil was quoting 1st Corinthians chapter 6 and verses 9 through 11... Rev. Karen Chavez
    He was asked about sin in a GQ article and he answer with scripture...
    You, were misquoting Mr. Phil... sorry.
  • Karen Chavez You obviously did not read Romans 1. Did you?
  • Herbert West I agree
  • Vi Finger You said it. MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD BLESS you all.
  • Carey Grant You do have freedom of speech, but not when it comes to work. A&E was right for suspending him. I wish someone would suspend you, but you keep quitting your jobs.
  • Lee Nix its time the moral majority stood up and say enough is enough if the athiest, and all the rest of em dont like it get out of my country put prayer back in schools, free speech, and to hell with being P C. As a GOD loving Christian I've had enough. Hang in there Phil we luv ya.
  • Andrew Kaufman You didn't even read the article YOU IDIOT!!!
  • Karen Chavez You didn't read Romans did you, Penny? It is the only place that the term God-haters is used.
  • Malia McGoldrick "Endangered species"...Nice choice of words from a hunter.
  • Tony Morrone I need to know when does all this crap stop WE need a someone to make a rule change that speaking your mind is not a crime and if we can't speak about anything then no other human can it's one sided !!!!!!!!!!
  • What About New York but wasn't martin bashir a hater that you wanted censored?
  • Glenda Shadle So well said! Amen!
  • Rhonda Wilson I have a gay friend and a gay cousin and so I was hurt not just them and it says in the Bible love your neighbor not hate your neighbor. I believe in the real Hole Bible and the real judge God, I don't believe when I get to heaven that Phil Robertson w...See More
  • Andrew Corns We love Sara P
  • Stratos Bonos As a homosexual male I gotta say I am not offended by what he said. I don't take it as hatred or mean spirited. I obviously don't agree with his beliefs but if he wants to share his thoughts and they are not directed at hurting or insighting harm on anyone whatever. With that said freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of consequence. Relax everyone
  • Stratos Bonos He believes what he believes. I dont think he is right but who's to say I am
  • Bryan D Warrilow We still do have our freedom of speech. Go ahead and say what you want. Everyone is listening and agreeing with you.Speak on brother.
  • Dan Prince I think what she said was great . . . if she doesn't back step.
  • Raymond Tompkins So, you stuck your foot in your mouth again Sarah. Failed to read the article about what Phil Robertson said but defended his right to say "what?". Just like all the magazine's you supposedly read. Can you read?

Mrs Palin, do not take what others say at face value not even if they persist that it is Gospel without at least getting confirmation. Perhaps you just might save face in the political arena; that is if you say what you mean and mean what you say, in addition to knowing what you say!

We will and are destroying ourselves for lack of knowledge and our own selfishness.  As Scripture has said, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".  What knowledge did they lack? What knowledge do we lack?

Not only did the people lack knowledge, just like now, there is no unity; there is no faithfulness; there certainly is no love being shown toward mankind.   There is intolerance, prejudice, biases, lying, leading people astray in perverting Truth, stealing, killing, adultery both physical and spiritual!  People  call what is good bad and bad good.  They are breaking all bounds; all rules of morality set forth by a Divine Creator!  The People are not only ignorant of Divine Law, they actively ignore and reject it.

Therefore, we suffer the calamities that comes forth from our own mouths!  Without a doubt, Divine Law dictates that "Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap". We must separate ourselves and not condone that type of beastly nature. Start reaping in love! We will then see many positive changes in the world!

Hotep (Peace) One Love! 
Apostle Rubie James

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