Israel Want To Wash Away Ties To Apartheid

Israel's ties to apartheid South Africa cannot be washed away 

Read the headlines in the Jewish News HAARETZ

"Israel would like to forget its dealings with apartheid South Africa and South American dictators. Nelson Mandela reminded us that we can’t."  

Does this mean that we do not forgive Israel for the part they played in apartheid? No!  However it means that we do not forget. "The song is over but we do not forget the melody" says an Afrikan proverb.  

What forgiveness means to Afrikans, I believe is  that Israel and all the other countries, including the United States, who took an active part in apartheid and the Transatlantic Slave Trade must make restitution! For Israel Torah demands it!  For the rest of the world Divine Law requires it! Reparations must be made!

These doors were the only doors deemed worthy of historical value to the British and were saved as a part of the restoration and renovation project in the Slave Castle of Cape Coast Ghana's Central Region.  

All the doors were removed from the Slaves dungeons and were destroyed as if attempting to burn that part of the Worlds wrong-doings to Afrikans permanently from history.

All other doors were destroyed with exception to one other set of doors  that were retrieved from a burn pile. Owned by His Grace H.R.M. Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III called The Black Doors of Tears.

These dungeon doors, The Black Doors of Tears  are currently on loan to the US. After an exhibition touring the US with Tavis Smiley's America I AM those doors have misteriously disappeared.

Nana Gyepi III is the Senior Regional Division Chief  and historian of Cape Coast Central Region.  Chief Gyepi reports that the set of doors

proudly displaying the Star of David is where the gold was kept from the  buying and selling of Afrikan people into slavery.  

The Chief's Memorial Project for the Ancestors and those who lost their lives during this dark part of history for Afrikans is called the Tower of Return.  The Tower of Return will be an archive of African history; an historical treasury of Afrikan people from all lands.  The Tower of Return will have vast libraries  where knowledge will reign supreme says Nana Gyepi III, it will remind us "Least We Forget"!

Therefore, we forgive but we shall never forget!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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