Ban Ki-Moon Call to Fight Racism

Nelson Mandela addressing the Special Committee Against Apartheid in the UN General Assembly Hall, 1990.

"Today, we remember Sharpeville as a symbol of the terrible toll of racism, and we honour those who lost their lives during the massacre. At the same time, we recall that President Mandela framed Sharpeville’s legacy as an unwavering resolve to protect the dignity and rights of all people."

 "On this Day, I call on each one of us to speak out and stand up to racism wherever and whenever we see it happen. Let’s tackle racial hatred, taking inspiration from the proven ability of individuals to respect, protect and defend our rich diversity as one human family."  These are the words spoken by Mr Ban Ki-Moon in an article entitled: "LET'S FIGHT RACISM" 
Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General United Nations
The article on 'Linked-In' sported the above photo of Mr Nelson Mandela where Secretary Ki-Moon continues to reiterate the need  for people all around the world to reflect on and make changes to do the right thing that would eliminate the disparaging  blight of racism.

"The lessons of South Africa’s staunch defence of equality “out of the many Sharpevilles” in the country’s history can be applied anywhere in the world, not only in response to organized, institutional forms of racism but wherever it occurs, including in our daily interactions with others – from the workplace, to the classroom, to our personal lives."
As an advocate against racism and after reading the most wonderfully positive comments made by others from the above article, I must add that of which I believe to be the major consensus that adds to Racism within the USA.   Most of us recognize that education is the ‘key’!  

In the United States racism is either inadvertently or knowingly perpetuated from failure to include the positives and contributions of nations of people from history in the public school System.  US Schools historically avert teachings of diversity that would cause racism to implode destroying those ignorance’s that causes one to hate another human being.  

Immigrants are taught the basis of US Government for citizenship and left to their own inclinations and what they see on the news or perhaps from another misinformed source to misjudge other races of people.  As long as the history of a people is being taught from a negative perspective or are excluded from core subjects of academics within the public school system, racism will continue to have a hold in US society.

We must all play our part. It starts with a change of mindsets. Racism, biases, hatred and intolerance are learned behaviors. They are like yeast, which leavens the entire loaf. 

We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand or turn them the other way.  The "R" word is NOT going away on its own! Therefore, we must Rid Ourselves of the Damn Cursed Thing, cultivate true love and empathy for all of mankind if we are to survive as a people. 

Read about one of Cape Coast Ghana Central Regional Districts Chief call for Heads of States to work together to end Racism! Dr. Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III 

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Hotep (Peace) Light One Love! 
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